Car boot sale chic

31 Jul

I know this blog is about shabby chic weddings – but I’d be doing shabby chic gals in general a disservice not to share the magic of car boot sales for wedding and household finds.

I’m a total convert – you see, I never used to see the point of car boot sales. I always thought they were full of old tat, creepy dolls, old computer cables and knock off perfume. And of course there’s some truth to that, but I just wanted to share a few of the best car boot sale bargains I’ve had in the last couple of months.

Bear in mind this is in addition to hundreds of mix-and-match pieces of china, as well as tablecloths, cute umbrellas and loads of vintage tech stuff for hubby-to-be.

Key necklace - cost £2

Assortment of fabric hearts, £2.50 for 11

Shabby chic wood table set of 3 for £15, silver-plated tray £4 and crystal decanters £3 for the set


L-R white rose trinket box £2 wooden rose clock £2 and heart-shaped rose trinket box 10p - favourite find


Teacup around 5p, candlesticks £1 and retro phone £10

Of course these are just some of my many car boot sale treasures – I’ve managed a whole white, shabby chic dining table and chair set for just £30, as well as sourcing a whole store of vintage wedding props. Most of the above could be used for a wedding, key necklaces are particularly on-trend, so I’m pretty pleased today!

Leave me some comments and let me know if you’ve found any amazing bargains at a car boot sale!


One Response to “Car boot sale chic”

  1. Procrastinator General August 8, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    Zomgz! Those decanters are awesome! I WANT!

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